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The Black New Orleans Moms are Renaissance-Ready for Beyonce

It's no secret, the Renaissance World Tour has been one of the most anticipated shows of the year. Moms in New Orleans are buzzing about everything from what to wear to what to drink before the show. Since May 2023, we have been glued to the tour from Sweden to Houston, Texas. I have been here for the fashion moments on tour! I am particularly a fan of the platinum outfits.

I am a Mom and so excited about her performance Wednesday night in the Caesars Superdome. I have been following Beyonce since she began her career and I have attended all of her shows in New Orleans.

I have a list of exciting things to do in the city with my friends. Here are some tips to get Renaissance ready:

  • Driver - Consider getting a car to do drop off and pick up after the concert. I will be going to the concert in a limousine bus with a group of friends.

  • Brunch/Drinks/Dinner - Although my friends and I have not booked at any restaurants yet, I want to go to a fun and vibrant brunch spot. I have been craving the Disco Punch at Jack Rose or an espresso martini at Justine. For drinks, we will visit Rib Room's Happy Hour and then head to Virgin Hotel to pre-game. There is also a Beyoncé happy hour at Justini's!

  • Beauty - Glam is a PRETTY BIG THING to women, especially Renaissance women. Glittery cat eyes, bright pops of color, and edgy lips are excellent ideas. I have an appointment with my makeup artist before Brunch.

  • Outfits - Might I suggest some over-the-knee boots, lots of platinum, an iconic hat, and a clear handbag! One thing's for sure, Beyonce's tour is fully committed to the wardrobe for her performances. We can expect some fur coats, over-the-top corsets, camouflage, and A LOT of platinum. I know it may seem stressful, but, nevertheless, have fun with your Renaissance-inspired wardrobe!

  • After Party - There's no science to the party life in New Orleans. The best events are well attended because of word-of-mouth advertising. Social media does help pick up the speed of getting the word out. Venues with confirmed events include Treehouse and Four Seasons Chandelier. Virgin will probably have a nice vibe after the show, as well.

  • Photos - Professional photos are always a great idea. After getting your hair and makeup done, a great finishing touch would be the photos. If you are with a group of friends that you don't see too often, load up on the photos with them. Let's create memories!

If you did not buy tickets to the concert, don't fret! You can visit some of your friends' pages and check out the details. I am just waiting to bus stop with Jay-Z. I also can't wait to see and hear about their restaurant choices in New Orleans. All things in perspective, Beyonce is a Black New Orleans Mom and we should celebrate that for all of us.

Remember, New Orleans everyone ON MUTE for the Queen!! 🐝


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