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Our esteemed supporters embody the true essence of community, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to empowering and uplifting Black mothers through their generous contributions. With their dedication, we are fostering a brighter future, nurturing a network of strength, and creating opportunities that resonate for generations to come. Together, we are rewriting narratives and ensuring that every Black New Orleans mom receives the care, resources, and respect they rightfully deserve.


Labor and Love was developed to ensure a supportive, health professional-led community before, during, and after your pregnancy.  We offer professional birth doula services and childbirth education for all expectant families, and postpartum doula support to help your family adjust to life with a newborn. Each of our services is tailored to you and your family’s unique needs by providing customized information, physical, and emotional support every step of the way.


NBEC creates transnational solutions that optimize Black maternal, infant, sexual, and reproductive wellbeing. We shift systems and culture through training, research, technical assistance, policy, advocacy, and community-centered collaboration.


 Nurse Nikki LLC offers CPR training to businesses and schools. Nurse Nikki is an internationally-known reproductive health consulting firm offering presentations, curriculum development, and medical advisory to organizations all over the world. House calls and telehealth are the future of health care.  


A Holistic/Biological Dentist practice located in New Orleans. Focused on the safest, least toxic ways to practice advanced dentistry.


Resilia is a technology platform with a human touch. Resilia enables nonprofits to increase capacity and funders to go beyond the grant with technical assistance, coaching, and capacity-building support. We meet changemakers where they are.

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Geaux Girl Giving is an intimate collective of Black womxn dedicated to supporting Black womxn-led social change across the New Orleans region.


Yuuma offers diaper bags and baby accessories that are not only functional but designed to highlight each mother as an individual.

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