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Top 10 Podcasts for Black Moms

a black mom listening to a podcast

Motherhood is a transformative journey filled with joy, challenges, and an abundance of love. In a world where representation and shared experiences matter, finding relatable and empowering content is key.

This curated list hits every mom's needs from conversations about the joys and challenges of parenting to discussions on money, relationships, sex, and self-care. Whether you're seeking inspiration, practical advice, or simply a moment of connection this is your go-to list.

I personally enjoy listening to most of these podcasts solo on my daily walk, however, you can enjoy them in the car or at home.

Now let’s get into this list:

1. Tyra's Affirmations for Black Girls are the best! The calming music with her warm tone having you repeat the affirmation for the day can truly be a form of meditation. The discussions are relatable and heartfelt. This podcast focuses on relationships, faith, careers, self-love, and personal development.

2. Balanced Black Girl is always positive, I know that when I tune in I'm going to get some inspiration. When I want to get my creative juices flowing or need some words of wisdom, I tune in. Honestly, there isn't an episode that I've missed or disliked.

3. Our favorite cousin Keke is always going to give us a good laugh and a little bit of tea, honey! Her "Baby, This is Keke Palmer" episodes are always a surprise, but definitely for the culture. In one episode she may be discussing playing spades and in the next, it's doggy style and diva cups, you just never know what you're going to get and I love it.

4. Dead Ass with Khadeen and Devale really is a well-rounded relationship podcast. I enjoy hearing their stories and listening to their responses to the letters written into the show. They discuss everything from their birthing journey, love, sex, marriage, etc; and they always keep it real. Dead Ass!

5. Now Good Moms Bad Choices is definitely uncensored. I like how real these moms are, never shying away from taboo topics. They say what most moms are thinking but probably won't say out loud. This show is a great reminder that you don't have to be a perfect mom to be a good mom.

6. Therapy for Black Girls is exactly as it sounds. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford focuses on mental health and personal development in her episodes. Sometimes we are going to catch up on a show or movie together and of course, it will be relatable in some capacity to mental health and I'm here for it.

7. This show focuses on really embracing motherhood. We hear the joys and challenges of motherhood in episodes of The Suga. This past week a new episode was finally released after what felt like forever and I'm happy they are back.

8. The Mama's Den is a group of moms sitting around having honest conversations about everything motherhood. When listening to their show, you feel like you are chatting with a group of your mom friends.

9. This Brown Ambition podcast with Mandi and Tiffany will help you get your finances in order. They're talking about everything from building wealth to saving and investing. Also, if you want to know what a HELOC is, how to budget, or pay off credit card debt, then this is the show for you.

10. We all know how important finances are, so this is another money podcast I enjoy. These amazing women of The Clever Girls Know podcast will help you tackle debt, find new ways to earn income, and help you navigate investments.

Share any other mom podcasts you enjoy below!


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