Pregnancy Test, the LEAP Test and the Real Test: Accepting my body

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for several months. So, when not one but two pregnancy tests finally came back positive, I was ecstatic. My husband’s first words to me were, “Okay, don’t get excited.” My heart sank, and I honestly do not remember anything else about his reaction. Those words still echo in my mind to this day. We have since discussed his word choice. However, it affected how I communicated with him while pregnant.

After that, I scoured the web as my outlet to talk to and read about other first-time mom experiences. I read up on so much about what’s normal and what’s not, precautions to take as well as signs of things that could go wrong. I found myself dwelling on negative experiences far too often. So, I had to stop. I focused more on me, my eating, my stress level, and growing a happy, healthy baby.