-Letter from Executive Director-


Dear Black New Orleans Mom Community,


It is with great excitement that we present our 3-year strategic plan for Black New Orleans Mom. It establishes our mission, vision, core values, and strategic priorities, representing our shared understanding of who we are as an organization.

We are committed to advancing strategies that ensure all black mothers and families are happy, healthy, thriving, and able to put that energy into the community. We invite you to provide us with feedback on this plan and look forward to our journey ahead together in the service of black New Orleans mothers and families.




Jaemi Johnson

Executive  DirectorBlack New Orlean Mom

-Table of Contents-


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Table of Contents                                      3



Vision, Mission, and Values                        4 - 5



Goals                                                           6



Markets                                                        7



Priorities                                                       8 - 9



Environment                                               10 - 11



-Vision Statement-




The black parenting community works together to ensure that all black families are safe, happy, whole, and thriving in New Orleans.





-Mission Statement-




A community of Black moms in New Orleans provides a safe space to discuss parenting, culture, and lifestyle unapologetically. We foster community-centered strategies and cultivate happy, healthy, and confident families- that put that energy into the community.



-Core Values-



• Mothers and their families should have what they need to grow and develop holistically in mind, body, and spirit.


• We value the unique perspectives and contributions of all members.


• Committed to fostering an environment where all black mothers are empowered to be their best selves.



• We are dedicated to assisting and serving the community with compassion and dignity.


• We demonstrate integrity, accountability, professionalism, and transparency.



• Outcome-oriented in achieving results consistent with our mission.




1. Building a community of black mothers that collaborate to improve outcomes for black mothers and families in New Orleans.



2. Advocate for black mothers and families in New Orleans where inequality may exist.



3. Provide resources for low-income black mothers and families.



4. Provide black mothers a safe space to be unapologetically about their blackness and motherhood.










• Black Mothers


• Black Families


• Black Youth


• New Orleans Community 


• New Orleans Schools





• Parents/ Caregivers


• Philanthropic Funders


• Intermediaries 


• Youth



1. Expand engagement- Strategic about peer networking opportunities in ways that will maximize the value of the organization.


2. Engagement with the community- Will actively reach out to local government, community-based organizations, neighborhood associations, academia, and others to identify and implement activities that provide significant and valued benefits to the New Orleans community.


3. Increased organizational capacity- Systematically and strategically build its board, staff, and committee. And actively engage partners and sponsors to create the organizational ability to deliver on community service aspects of the mission meaningfully.


4. Networking, mentoring and, and building the Black mother community


- Robust calendar of social events

- Design awards for recognition 

- Structured networking activities 

- Community need drives


5. Fundraising events


-Create, design, and expand events (includes mom night outs, playdates, holiday events, momchella, crawfish boils, and gala)


- Develop a patron party/ VIP party related to each event (when appropriate) that provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to give at a higher level. These patron parties should have specific incentives for attendees to motivate a higher giving level.

- Member dues- On an annual basis, the executive board will review the dues structure and may make additional adjustments based on the needs and trends of the organization.





• Strong partnerships with organizations exist.


• Programs and services that positively impact black moms and families.


• Qualified, experienced staff.









• Black New Orleans Mom is a newly established organization with a developing structure.


• Black New Orleans Mom has limited brand recognition in the landscape.





• Black New Orleans Mom has the opportunity to expand its offerings across the greater New Orleans area.


• There are many opportunities for collaboration and collective impact across the landscape to help the organization grow and advance in its mission.





• There is a scarcity of resources to support black mothers and families adequately.


• There May be perceived redundancy with other intermediaries in the landscape.








Black New Orleans Mom Strategic Plan