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Teacher-Approved Gifts for Teacher’s Appreciation Week

Teacher approved gifts for teacher appreciation week may 6th - 10th

As we all know, our kids’ teachers are heroes and it's important to show our appreciation for them. When we shifted back in 2020 to being parents and teachers we saw just how much work goes into the education of our children. I know I certainly did! We want to show our children’s teachers how much we appreciate them, all they do, and all their hard work throughout the school year.

If you didn’t know already, Teacher Appreciation Week is approaching May 6 - 10. I spoke to some veteran teachers about what they really want for Teacher Appreciation Week, so here is your official teacher-approved gift list: 

  1. Gift Cards: Dunkin, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Panera Bread… you can’t really go wrong here. You can also ask your child or their teacher what their favorite restaurant is.

  2. Flare Pens: They come in a ton of fun and bright colors and are great for note-taking and quick grading!

  3. Amazon Gift Card: They can use this to get something for the classroom or you can see if they have an Amazon Wish List!

  4. A Simple Hand-Written Card: (Example: Thank you for your commitment to the future generation.) Extra points if the child writes it themselves... with the teacher's favorite candy or snacks inside.

  5. (Nonalcoholic) Paint and Sip Experience

  6. Stanley Cup

  7. Car Wash

  8. Provide a catered lunch or breakfast

  9. Gift of Experience: Teachers often don’t get to do a lot for themselves, so this one is special for them to have or do something that’s just for them.

  10. Personalized Gifts: Most people, teachers especially, love a gift that is personalized just for them. Helpful Tip: If you know crafty people or someone with an Etsy or similar type of craft hobby, get them to make something!

  11. Something sweet and simple made by the child: A card, drawing, etc…

  12. WHAT NOT TO GET: Mugs!!! They have a million!

Here are a few suggestions when deciding what to get. Involve your child in the process. They know the teacher best from being in their class the whole year. They can tell you his or her likes and dislikes, what they collect if they’re a collector, and things they may have hinted at wanting.

Also, if you’ve visited the classroom yourself at some point throughout the school year, try to remember things you may have seen in your child’s classroom or in conversations you’ve had with your child’s teacher. Thoughtfulness goes a long way! Remembering little details about the teacher’s favorite things and getting a gift based on that will make it something they will treasure for years to come Whatever you decide to get, if it’s from the heart it’ll be appreciated!


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