Start Healthy Eating Habits Now

My family loves dessert. As soon as my five-year-old finishes his dinner he immediately always asks, “can I have dessert now?!” In our home, we adhere to a pretty healthy lifestyle which mainly includes a vegan and vegetarian diet, with occasional seafood. As much as possible, even while making dessert, I like to make dishes that are healthy by including whole food ingredients and unrefined sugars. I try to think of it as an extension of the main meal with regards to nutrition.

Children need to understand that the basis of their health basically comes down to what foods they are consuming. According to a 2019 Rudd Report, “greater exposure to unhealthy food marketing by Hispanic and Black children and teens, both in the media and in their communities, likely contributes to diet-related health disparities affecting communities of color, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.” As a result, we must be diligent about monitoring what our children watch and how they are consciously being affected by television. We, as parents, should deliberately select programming that contributes to their health consciousness rather than hypnotizing them into believing they need junk food. There is an amazing new Netflix TV show that teaches kids about food and where they come from called Waffles and Mochi, featuring and produced by Michelle Obama. It makes learning about food an adventure in which they discover the origins of certain ingredients with a diverse and fun cast.