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How Beyonce's Album Renaissance MOVED Moms Around The World

First off, how does it feel to be a black woman today? It hasn't been a month since Beyonce's new album dropped, and the WORLD is buzzing behind this black mom. This album is extremely different from Beyonce's previous albums but the mood and message are the same. There's Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall, but right now we're in Renaissance Season!

Beyonce's Mom, Tina Lawson shared a spread of photos on social media to support her daughter. She was undoubtedly proud of the impact and influence that Beyonce continues to possess. We all had it on our minds to quit our jobs and release after the Break My Soul debut.

Black New Orleans Mom Contributor Lynn Wesley Coleman admits she has been hooked on the latest album since its arrival. "I play this album when I'm working out, running errands with the kids, or during work hours. I am hooked! I started listening immediately at 11:00 pm on the night before the release."

Black New Orleans Mom Contributor Shannon Smith adds, "This album stays on repeat and continues to reveal different nuances with every listen! I'm so excited to see the visuals. And to think there's still an Act II?!!!"

Listening parties took place in Berlin, Paris, Belgium, and Amsterdam on Thursday before the album was available on all streaming platforms. And we are more than sure there were a lot of moms in the mix celebrating life! "Although Beyonce makes music for all genders and ethnicities, Black women see themselves so they can relate a little more", says Lynn.

"Men lie, women lie, numbers don't lie"... as quoted by hubby Jay Z.

Beyonce's album hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and she had a solid sales week with 190,000 of 332,000 Renaissance units coming from full album sales. That's incredible! The only other artists to have a more significant first-week album release in 2022 were Harry Styles and BTS. Billboard reports that Renaissance" sold 121,000 CDs, 43,000 downloads and 26,000 vinyl LPs in week one.

New Orleans moms can't wait for Beyonce to come to our city! The album is continuously trending, especially after Bey told the world she prefers Telfar bags over Birkins and brought Madonna, who happens to be another mom, onboard for the "Break My Soul" remix

Some of our Favorite Songs on Renaissance:

Alien Superstar

Cuff It

Church Girl


What's your favorite song from Beyonce's Renaissance album???


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