Domestic Violence and Infant Loss Awareness Resources

Updated: 2 days ago

1 in 3 women has been a victim of domestic violence; and unfortunately, those rates continue to increase.

As a community, we have to stick together when times are hard and there seems to be no way out of a bad situation. So many women suffer in silence because they are too scared or embarrassed to ask for help. We have to provide a safe haven for women to feel comfortable enough to plead for safety when they need it.

There are several ways to help a victim of domestic violence without directly getting involved:

  • Provide financial support

  • Provide a listening ear

  • Provide a place to stay (if it's safe) or resources to find a new home

  • Never judge their situation or make them feel isolated/alone

Facts about domestic violence:

  • About 325,000 women experience domestic violence during pregnancy each year

  • During pregnancy, is when domestic violence usually appears or is at its most intense

  • There are different types of domestic violence including physical, emotional, financial, mental, etc

  • It is never the victim/survivor's fault and you are never alone

  • The national domestic violence hotline can help you safely end an in-the-moment crisis as well as direct you to local resources for ongoing/further assistance