Did you miss Lemonade Day?

So, here we are. We’ve missed out on a real Jazz Fest both this year and last year. The plan right now is to have Jazz Fest 2021 during the weekends of October 8th and 17th this year, so I hope that plan comes to fruition. The only bad thing about that, though, is we’ll miss out on Lemonade Day! I don’t know about everyone else, but I feel like the unsung heroes of Jazz Fest are the kids with lemonade stands all around the neighborhoods surrounding the Fairgrounds. The second weekend of Jazz Fest often falls on Lemonade Day, which is May 2nd. And even when it doesn’t, lemonade stands are still always around.

When you’re taking those long walks under the smoldering Louisiana sun from 10 blocks away, you can be sure to find at least a handful of stands along the way selling lemonade (sometimes in many flavors), water, and snacks. The drink itself is refreshing and much-needed, but seeing those smiling faces are priceless.