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Top 10 Fun and Educational Shows for Black Children on Youtube

The things that our children see and hear can positively or negatively shape the expectation they have of themselves. Several studies have shown the way we are portrayed in the media as minorities can greatly affect how we see ourselves, as well as how others see us. This is one of the many reasons why representation matters!

We, as Black Parents, should always be striving to make sure our children are being influenced by positive black figures on a daily basis. Thankfully there are many amazing content creators out there that have taken matters into their own hands by creating shows demonstrating Black Magic to our children.

Check out 10 fun and educational shows that exemplify Black Excellence:

Tab Time with Tabitha Brown is a fun, wholesome show that teaches children how to live their best life!

Gracie's Corner is a total vibe providing educational and encouraging content with groovy beats!

Kids Black History teaches kids the beauty of melanin and all the amazing things the continent of Africa has offered society!

Jools TV is an entertaining show that mixes hip hop with educational nursery rhymes!

Akili & Me takes kids on a magical adventure with her animal friends, where they learn numbers, letters, drawing, and English!

Miss Monica Circle time shares educational lessons for preschoolers via her Circle Time series that includes catchy songs to help your little one learn about the weather, the days of the week, and so much more!

Miss Jessica's World- Where Kids learn New Things teaches kids by exploring different cultures, learning new instruments, and having story time with Miss Jessica!

Omo Berry covers topics related to STEM, cross-cultural experiences, and self-esteem!

Bino & Fino discover and learn about Africa by way of fun dances and songs!

Super Sema is the perfect show for you if your child loves superheroes!

Let us know about any other cool shows you watch that promote representation and Black Excellence!


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