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The Praline Lady

We had a great time reading Praline lady by Kirstie Myvett.

This book is easy to read for kids and discusses the legacy of the Praline ladies who were once a common sight in the French Quarter.

The legacy of the Praline Ladies lives on in candy shops and people that continue to make the praline candy, which is part of New Orleans cooking history.

This book is a brilliant look back at terms we have come to love in the city (shotgun house, calas, beignet, View Carre).

Young readers will go along with this praline lady as she makes her pralines, sells them from her basket, and grows her business. This book definitely inspires entrepreneurship in little kids.

Be sure to check out this book by a local author and

Fun fact: View Carre is a French term for French Quarter meaning ‘Old Square’.

The Pralines that were sent from Pralines for All Occasions taste so creamy and delicious.

Instagram: @kirstiemyauthor

Lynn Wesley – Coleman is a New Orleans native and Xavier graduate with a BS in Business Management. Lynn is a wife and mother of two daughters. She is a food enthusiast who has been blogging for several years. Lynn covers new business openings in the city as well as social events and has hosted Girls Nights Outs in New Orleans.


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