Take Care of Your Girls

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Ananda Lewis was the “it” girl back in the day with her hosting jobs on BET and MTV. She was the brown skin sister with pretty hair that was down to earth and relatable during a time when Black women didn’t occupy such spaces. Recently, Ananda shared on her social media that she was fighting stage 3 breast cancer. I won’t go into detail about her video because it’s still up on Instagram for those interested, but, Ananda serves as a reminder of how important getting a mammogram is, especially for black women. While reading posts on a popular women's forum in response to Ananda’s video, I was disturbed to see so many Black women admitting they hadn’t gotten their mammograms. Several stated they were afraid it would be painful while others hadn’t been tested due to lack of insurance. I think for many of us, fear is a normal emotion when going to the doctors. Let’s face it, Black people and medical professionals haven’t always had the best relationship, however, it’s worth working through that fear to make sure you’re healthy. Bring someone with you, practice breathing exercises, pray, or do whatever it takes to calm your fears, just don’t let fear stop you from getting a mammogram. In New Orlea